Cherie gets you caught up on whats been happening and Todd shares a little bit with what is happening with him in Hawaii.

  • When People you know are in need
  • Closets full of Computers
  • Podcast Conversations Help Boredom
  • First Weekend without anything to do and what to do
  • Heather Gorringe Compost Pit
  • Dealing with older parents when they are less than nice.
  • Crown for Christmas
  • Granddaughter Update
  • Being Respectful in ones job
  • Distributing Dads Stuff
  • Off to Virgina

If you are listening to this Podcast for the first time. We recommend that you got back and listen to all of the episodes as you have time so that you may get the full experience of what we have to offer. We hope that these series of podcasts which are created by a mom and son team bring some comfort to those that are in need and may have lost someone. We are not doctors we are ordinary people with a passion to try and make sense of a sea of changes that people go through after loosing a loved one.