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Archive for June, 2008

We recorded the show live on Mogulus today and will be trying to get Cherie’s Webcam up in the stream next go around. Had a few small technical difficulties hope the Audio turned out ok. Topics today include:

  • Natalie Graduation
  • Punks with No Respect
  • Issues with GrandParents
  • 99 Birthday of my Dad
  • The call form the 87 Yr Old Uncle
  • GPS (How did I do without it)
  • Amish Feedback (Letters)
  • Lana Dee comes to Visit
  • HDTV Observations
  • Podcamp Ohio

Feedback can be sent to cheriecast@gmail.com

Pretty amazing month and quite the emotional ride with lots of ups and downs. In this show we cover the following topics

  • Parental Accolades
  • Honey Moon is Over
  • Oils
  • Keeping the Sanity
  • Deck Project
  • Camper Cabin’
  • Customer Emotional Suppoer
  • Vehicle Issues
  • Storm Chasing
  • Natalie Graduation

If you are starting to listen to the podcast on this episode it may be advisable to go back a couple of shows to start…