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Archive for October, 2006

CCast-2006-10-30 #2

Thanks to the clocks rolling back we are now able to record a little earlier in the evening and tonight we cover some very important topics as we travel down this road called life. Join us as we get into some important topics that will make you think a little bit and to make plans for when life throws you those curve balls.

Topics Include

  • Things I never did
  • Things I am thankful that I know
  • Important Hearing Aid Info
  • Leaving no Loose ends
  • The Go Box
  • Some cautions for Widows

If you have comments about todays show you can call the voicemail hotline at 206-203-3979 or leace a e-mail comment at cheriecast@gmail.com, voice mails we be played on the show unless you request that we do not play them.

Cherie Cast Pilot

We are not a 100% sure that the show name is going to stay the Cherie Cast but for now it is. Tonight Cherie and Todd talk about the goals of a new podcast that will cover a wide range of subjects but is going to look at how life changes after loosing a spouse, working when one should be retired, dealing with aging parents and a host of other subjects people face on a daily basis.

This podcast pilot is meant to give you a sampling of the characters and the real life trauma that dramatic events in ones life. The end goal of helping people cope and understand that you are not alone out there. Send feedback to cheriecast@gmail.com