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Archive for 'cherie cochrane'

With the passing of my mom, I have had my hands full this past month. Todd and I get caught up in a big way. Here are the topics from today’s show.

  • Columbus – Shopping
  • Guest on Judys Blast from Past
  • Train Syndrome
  • Martha – Backed up Farther than some have gone forward
  • Glenn Beck – Ben – Survivorship
  • Mothers Death  – Weight Lifted
  • Jim’s Surgery
  • Sorting House for Sale
  • Double Cats

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The past two months have been for a word busy. We talk about the death of my father and the rapid decline of my mother over the past month.  I also share some insights that you need to listen to on making sure that you are prepared for before a loved on passes.

This is a catch up show so lots to share make sure you listen. If you want to see the live recording of this podcast visit my channel on Ustream.TV

Comments on todays podcast can be sent to cheriecast@gmail.com