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Archive for April, 2007

CCAST-2007-04-22 #17

Well we add a new component today and have a live video stream up of the content. If you want to check the live stream out I have included the link below. Todays topics included

  • Alex Update
  • Wedding Season
  • Todd’s Technology Beginnings
  • Pastoral Advice
  • It’s Spring at Last
  • Truck Woes

Link to live Video Stream which is probably boring because it’s just Todd and not Cherie but we had fun with it non the less.

CCAST-2007-04-08 #16

First of all Happy Easterm, Cherie and Todd get caught up on a whole bunch of things

  • Update on Alex and the Kidney Operation
  • GPS Saves The Day
  • Snow in April and Potential Crop Loss
  • Amish Wedding Orders
  • E-mail
  • Physic Reading

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