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Archive for 'Podcast'

CCAST-2007-07-13 #20

We give you a update on what has happened since my daughter and the kids were able to finish their move to Virginia after the tragic death of my husband and injury sustained by my granddaughter kept them here in Michigan for nearly 10 months.

  • Podcast Expo
  • The Move to Virgina
  • Panic
  • Priorities with a empty house
  • Dish Guy
  • Hernia Operation

CCAST-2007-06-14 #19

We catch everyone up on what has been happening lots of great stories including some pay it forward activities.

  • Penny the Amazing Dog
  • Virgina
  • Pay it Forward
  • Plate Tags
  • Pacemaker
  • Alexandrea Update
  • ICU for Sofie

Send your comments to cheriecast (at) gmail.com

CCAST-2007-05-05 #18

This is the first Cherie Cast recorded where Cherie and the family are mobile and on their way to Virginia to visit Chantal’s new home. We talk about an amazing reunion of sorts with the firefighters, EMT’s, the miracle nurse and those that witnessed the horrible accident.

  • On The Road
  • Stripes in the Yard
  • Grave Marker Selection
  • Reunion with EMT, Firemen and Miracle Nurse
  • Horrible Accident in Indiana
  • Todd’s anticipated visit

This is a great podcast recorded at nearly midnight eastern standard time.

CCAST-2007-04-22 #17

Well we add a new component today and have a live video stream up of the content. If you want to check the live stream out I have included the link below. Todays topics included

  • Alex Update
  • Wedding Season
  • Todd’s Technology Beginnings
  • Pastoral Advice
  • It’s Spring at Last
  • Truck Woes

Link to live Video Stream which is probably boring because it’s just Todd and not Cherie but we had fun with it non the less.

CCAST-2007-04-08 #16

First of all Happy Easterm, Cherie and Todd get caught up on a whole bunch of things

  • Update on Alex and the Kidney Operation
  • GPS Saves The Day
  • Snow in April and Potential Crop Loss
  • Amish Wedding Orders
  • E-mail
  • Physic Reading

Comments can be sent to cherie@cheriecast.com

CCAST-2007-03-18 #15

Cherie and Todd get caught up and Todd shares a Ghost story and we talk about the latest happening in the Granddaughter recovery.

  • Dad Talking
  • Barb and being Grateful to Help
  • Chantal returns from Virginia
  • Tribulations of Home Care

Send your comments to cheriecast@gmail.com

CCAST-2007-03-11 #14

Cherie and Todd catch up with what is happening in the Cochrane family. This is a more relaxed show and if your listening for the first time you may be a bit lost, so go back a couple of shows and listen to those first.

  • Spring Fever
  • Tax man Cometh
  • Chantal off to see the New Home
  • Frozen Cherries
  • Listener Comments

Send your comments to cheriecast@gmail.com

CCAST-2007-02-25 #13

Cherie and Todd talk about her trip out to Chicago and what has been happening on the road to recovery for the granddaughter

  • Chicago to meet the RawVoice Team
  • Using her New GPS
  • Throat Surgery
  • Passing the DOT Inspection

Send your comments on the show to cheriecast@gmail.com

CCAST-2007-02-09 #12

This is one of the best shows we have put together and by your comments we can tell we are really reaching a lot of you.

  • Halo Off
  • I’m Walking
  • Hospital Staff Breaks down
  • Dog Arrives
  • Six Months and Counting
  • Produce Prices
  • Homesick

We encourage you to drop us a e-mail if you have comments. cheriecast@gmail.com

CCAST-2007-01-21 #11

No we did not quit but we have been busy the past three weeks. Cherie and Todd get you caught up on what has been happening.

  • Granddaughter Update
  • Carefree Period
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Hauling Compost
  • President Ford Funeral
  • Working in Nasty Weather
  • Asking Questions
  • Ice Storm

You can leave comments at cheriecast@gmail.com voice mail hot line is currently offline.