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Hi this Podcast was the result of the loss of my husband in a tragic vehicle accident which also resulted in severe injuries to one of my granddaughters. My story is one of recovery, survival and regular life events of a widow who is forced by every day events to continue to work and meet challenges that only one that has lost a spouse can understand email us at cheriecast@gmail.com

A Podcast that gives advice on life changes.

Tag: Hospice

CCAST-2009-04-18 #37

With the passing of my mom, I have had my hands full this past month. Todd and I get caught up in a big way. Here are the topics from today’s show.

  • Columbus – Shopping
  • Guest on Judys Blast from Past
  • Train Syndrome
  • Martha – Backed up Farther than some have gone forward
  • Glenn Beck – Ben – Survivorship
  • Mothers Death  – Weight Lifted
  • Jim’s Surgery
  • Sorting House for Sale
  • Double Cats

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We catch up with Cherie from the time she left Hawaii went back to Virgina and then home to Michigan. This episode covers the following topics.

  • Homeward Bound
  • Hospice
  • Hospital x2
  • PC Trouble
  • To-do
  • Visit from Ghost

In this episode I think you all will understand that we may be coming to a new juncture here soon. Time will tell.