Welcome to the CherieCast

Hi this Podcast was the result of the loss of my husband in a tragic vehicle accident which also resulted in severe injuries to one of my granddaughters. My story is one of recovery, survival and regular life events of a widow who is forced by every day events to continue to work and meet challenges that only one that has lost a spouse can understand email us at cheriecast@gmail.com

A Podcast that gives advice on life changes.

Tag: essential oils

CCAST-2008-06-01 #30

Pretty amazing month and quite the emotional ride with lots of ups and downs. In this show we cover the following topics

  • Parental Accolades
  • Honey Moon is Over
  • Oils
  • Keeping the Sanity
  • Deck Project
  • Camper Cabin’
  • Customer Emotional Suppoer
  • Vehicle Issues
  • Storm Chasing
  • Natalie Graduation

If you are starting to listen to the podcast on this episode it may be advisable to go back a couple of shows to start…

CCAST-2008-05-03 #29

This is a live recording of the CherieCast aka Cherie and Todd are in the same location. We cover some great topics today.

  • Composting Country Style
  • Research on Essential Oils
  • Quiet on the Home Front
  • Trucker Tom
  • Deck being Finished after 2 years
  • The Produce Freeze
  • Going HD
  • Andy McCaskey